Our Mission

We exist to help people Discover Hope, Develop Faith and Demonstrate Love by following the ways of Jesus.


Our Values

River Hills is more than a church. It’s a family. It’s a place where you can Always be real. A place where you can Love someone. Be loved. A place where our doing comes out of our being with Jesus, so we can Think big. Be brave. Do things. A place where you will be challenged to Keep moving forward in every area of your life. A place where you can Have fun along the way and find safe community with others.

Our Staff

Meet the team that leads our ministry areas.



Sunday Worship


Our location

1635 Winchester Rd NE
Huntsville, AL 35811

river hills church huntsville

Our Story

Our church was launched in 2011 as the Chase Campus of Cove Church and rebranded in 2021 as River Hills. It has always been a place where everyone is welcome and loved. The spirit of worship inside both the people and the building is contagious. We are committed to and working for the fulfillment of Cove Church Ministries’ mission to help people discover hope, develop faith and demonstrate love.

Our Beliefs


Changed Lives

Perhaps you’ve gone on a mission trip and met someone who has altered your life. Maybe you’ve been part of a small group that has shown you love in a way that you’ve never experienced. Possibly it’s your involvement with the CREW that has made a lasting impact on your life. Whatever your life change story is, it’s important, and we would like to hear it.

Our Network

River Hills is part of Cove Church Ministries [CCM]. Founded in 2020, the vision of CCM is to catalyze and equip a family of connected churches throughout the Tennessee valley. The churches share the same values and beliefs, and our mission to help people discover hope, develop faith and demonstrate love. Member churches collaborate and share resources while retaining the autonomy needed to best connect with their own local communities.